Department of Nursing

Department of Nursing Profile-KIDH

Nursing services at KIDH has been there since the inception of the Hospital itself. During those days, the nurses did provide care of post operative nature prior to discovery of antibiotic active against susceptive Tuberculosis (1943) nurses activities were narrowed to sanatorium perspective. This kind of care survived from 1926 to that time of discovery thus 17years. Currently, the nursing services has flourished aftermath covering Inpatient care, Out Patient care, Community Health Services, Outreach services which cover supportive supervision country wide to MDR-TB patients on continuation phase cum those under ambulatory programmatic management of MDR-TB as well as tracing of lost to follow ups, Research and Training along with handling projects related to nutrition, health communication, Quality Improvement focusing on Nursing process implementations involving training and Review meetings. The department through outreach section play paramount role of collecting diagnosed MDR-TB patients from all over the country for hospitalized care.

The department is well equipped with knowledgeable Nursing Officers (10), registered nurses (57), and Enrolled nurses (15), cum Medical Attendants (115), an architecture which is determinate of the level of professional qualification serving approximately 100-150 admitted patients in various wards and 100 out patients on daily basis. With all these nurses on ground, the department has been a hub for provision of high quality care for patients of all walks of life.

The operation of the department is guided by two objectives which are:

  • To improve and maintain nursing services to patients and Community
  • To build capacity including communication skills among staffs to staff and staff to patients

In that respect the department is well equipped knowledge wise, Skill wise, and attitude wise observing the core values of nursing thus human dignityintegrityautonomy, altruism, and social justice.


Nurses Spear heading Patients’ Income Generating Activities


Spirometry procedure to MDR-TB Patient


Patients   listening to instruction   prior to performance of Spirometry

Patients listening to instruction prior to performance of Spirometry